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With an expertise of more than four decades, Aquionics has come a long way in designing, developing and manufacturing water cleansing systems. Aquionics is a leading global manufacturer today, in this arena due to innovative mindset and far-reaching research. In recent times, the new Headquarters in Malaysia established in 2000, with the aim to institute a strategic base for global operations has given the company a competitive edge. Moreover, foundation of Aquionics Developments India (P) Ltd in 2011 with its registered office in New Delhi helped to develop and distribute products in the subcontinent. Within a span of few years, Aquionics has gained a strong foothold in the Indian market carving a niche in the water purification pitch. The product range for the Indian market includes:

  • Domestic RO
  • Whole House Filter, Softener, Iron Remover, Sand Filter, carbon filter
  • Industrial RO & Filter
  • Commercial RO
  • Swimming pools
  • Customized Solutions like Public Aquariums


Backed by a rich heritage of innovation and proficiency in providing technologically advanced, energy efficient, durable and reliable solutions, Aquionics is a leader among pure water contributor.

The company’s pillars of success include

Innovation- Water filtration needs vary across nations and areas. Understanding this diverse requirement, we constantly create and upgrade products to cater to new challenges

Advanced Technology– We use the state-of-the-art technology to design, engineer and manufacture products ensuring structural integrity

Quality Control – All products are fabricated in compliance with strict quality control measures to ensure international standards resulting in durable and reliable products.

Core Values – We believe in continuous improvisation to enrich our products and endeavor to satisfy the customer by all means.

We have an integrated team of professionals who work to excel with discipline and ethics as standards. We are well aware and alert to protect the environment and ensure environmental safety in all our actions.


Today, Aquionics is a global performer addressing to clients requirements in various segments like Domestic, Industrial and Commercial sectors. One of the company’s USP is to design and manufacture specialized products as per client’s peculiar requirements or a specific project.

Aquionics looks forward to continue its march to safeguard future of water treatment and purification, humbly ensuring pure and fresh water for all purposes around the globe.

Aquionics-  Amazing Water Solutions, Forever! 

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