Industrial Filters


Industrial Filters

Aquionics Industrial Filters

Water is a necessary resource for almost every activity of life. For sustaining life, every civilization requires industrial growth and developmental activities. For all industrial processes, water is a critical component. Industries that produce chemicals, gasoline, metals, wood, paper and many other trades, use water at some point of time during the production process. If this water is contaminated, it not only affects the quality of the manufactured product, it also reduces the life of the equipment resulting in loss of crucial energy and resources.

Aquionics produces a vast range of industrial filters catering to different requirements. These filters are capable of filtering flow rates as low as 150 lt per min to 1200 cubic mts per hour. Compatible pumps for optimum performance are also provided. Accompanied by a 10 year warranty and fabricated under strict quality control measures, Aquionics filters and pumps are used by many water treatment companies in India. Best suited for water purification process and system, the Aquionics range includes:

  1. Single Pass Filters
  2. Multi Pass Filters
  3. Super Filters
  4. Ozone Generators
  5. UV Sterilizers
  6. Industrial Filters
  7. Bio Towers

Aquionics also provides numerous other benefits for commercial establishments and industries which comprise of:

  • Water Analysis Report and Consultancy to gauge and recommend the appropriate system for most valuable performance at minimum operating expenditure.
  • Sentinel Control system to monitor and control the water treatment and life support systems with remote control.

Suitable for Municipal Water Supply, Oil Palm & Chemical Processing Plants, Textile Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Public Aquariums, Paper Companies, Power Plants and many more commercial uses, the Aquionics Industrial Filters cater to diverse industrial needs.

Aquionics Industrial Filters – Industrious Filtration at its best!

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