Public Aquariums

Being in the field since its inception in 1973, AQUIONICS has been involved in installations of several hundred individual displays and dozens of mega sized public aquariums and zoo projects globally. Spearheading the recently accomplished assignment of Dubai Mall Display and Discovery Centre-a globally acknowledged state-of-the-art world class aquarium, Aquionics is striving for excellence in all its endeavours.

Some of the other landmark projects we successfully completed are Sydney Aquarium, Melbourne Aquarium, Tarongo Zoo, Siam Ocean World, Busan Aquarium, Shanghai Aquarium etc. These projects are vouching for our capability and capacity to deliver quality projects anywhere in the world with outstanding project management and ongoing maintenance.

Public Aquaria

AQUIONICS – the global pioneers and Experts in Public Aquarium and Oceanarium Design and Specialized Construction, having competence to establish and maintain animal theme parks; water feature and water parks; undertaking partial or turnkey operations inclusive of innovative concepts and construction methods aligned with effective and accurate project management.

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Clarity Acrylic Panels

Clarity Acrylic is made to the highest quality to comply with the most stringent standards set by public aquariums around the world.

Acrylic has a transparency rate of over 95% which makes it superior over glass which has a greenish tint when the glass is too thick.

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Boutique Aquarium

The concept of a Boutique aquarium is fast catching up in the present scenario and will provide you with a great opportunity to stand our different than others in the present market. An aquarium, tastefully designed and decorated, combined with vibrant & beautiful water organisms living in the aquarium healthy could turn out to be the BEST INTERIOR PRODUCT one can have.

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